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Notes: Be a Successful DBA in the World of Cloud and On-Premise Data (Grant Fritchey)

Notes from 24-hours of PASS webinar:

Grant Fritchey
Product Evangelist
Works for Red Gate

What is Azure?
– Database as a service?
WA Data Management:
Non-Relational Storage:
–  Blob Storage
–  Tables
–  HDInsight
Relational Storage:
–  SQL Server in a VM (WA VM)
–  Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
–  SQL Server in a WA VM
Platform as a Service (PaaS):
–  Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD)

Today’s Agenda:
Why consider Azure?
Speed of delivery
– 45 seconds to a database
– 3 to 5 minutes to a server
– self-service development and POC
Easy to provision
– automate provisioning
– epand and contract on demand
–  Pay only for what you need
–  Reduced licensing costs
–     Only if you use their images for VMs
–  Radically reduced service overhead
–     reduce hardware and facilities costs, reduced infrastructure
Smooth Integration
–  Virtual Network
–  Use your own VMs
–  Direct Integrations

Will I lose my Job?
–  No, Maybe, if  you don’t change with the coming changes.
Technologies that were supposed to kill DBA position, but didn’t:
– NoSQL, SSD, Object-Relational Mapping, Cloud Computing, Self-Tuning, ColumnStore

Won’t the training take a long time?
–  WASD has all types except SQL Variant
–  PowerShell should be on training map
– It is SQL Server and T-SQL
– DMO are mostly available
–  database level wait stats are available instead of servr level
– Full functionality
–  Automation handled by PowerShell
– Manage WASD with PS
– Manage Windows and SQL Server with PS
–  Yes there will be a learning curve, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming

WASD management with a team?
–   Need to have a Windows Live ID, but can set permissions per live ID
Point-in-Time restore with WASD? 
–  No, no backup mechanism currently, but you can export a bacpak which is not transactionaly consistent.  Need to create a copy and then export bacpak to have transactionaly consistent export
– can schedule exprot processes as of two weeks ago
Optimizations needed?
– not necessary to optimize for most system
– high performance, high control systems are not good for Azure
– defined resources in Azure is now available, but may still not work for high performance systems
Hyper-V supported, but not VMWare.
How does Azure work for development?
– depends on how you are developing
– not as good for large data sets
–  good for POCs with small datasets, throwaway
– good for web based development
– data going up is free, but pulling it down costs
– it is an additional tool in the toolbox
Do you need to know VM management to use SQL Server on VM?
– No, but depends on system
– Availability groups will require additional knowledge
Database size limitations:
150 GB in WASD, need to shard data to go large
VM is 16 TB
Azure Tools?
3rd party and SSMS