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Orchestrator specific videos:

Video on doing an automated SQL Migration with Orchestrator – very quick:

8 Minute Demo – PowerShell to SQL – Runbook Options

8 Minute Demo – Query Database Object (SQL)
SQL Management Pack Information, metrics monitored, etc.:

Link to the SCOM Virtual Lab for your group to play with ( you will need the ability to RDP outside your firewall. Leveraging a guest network is the easiest way to do it) :

SCOM Videos:

  • Read about the approach that Microsoft IT took to implement Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager in its client management environment. This paper discusses how the consumerization of IT led Microsoft IT to rethink its client management services, the implementation of a new client management infrastructure, lessons learned from the deployment, and the benefits that Microsoft IT obtained by deploying Configuration Manager to more than 280,000 systems across the globe.
  • Learn how Microsoft Information Technology used Microsoft® System Center 2012 Configuration Manager as the foundation of their new end-to-end application distribution and management solution. The new solution delivers a rich experience to users across multiple devices while maintaining the controls needed to protect corporate assets
  • Learn how Microsoft IT implemented System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection to deliver a unified, integrated platform that supports multiple departments and roles, streamlines IT client management, and improves visibility into the security and compliance of the company’s managed clients.
  • In an enterprise organization such as Microsoft, it’s mission critical to maintain a secure environment by keeping client computers up to date with the latest software and security updates. In large environments, automating the management of this environment as much as possible is a significant goal. Learn how Microsoft achieves this goal using Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to manage its own environment of more than 255,000 computers worldwide.
  • Microsoft IT is continuously striving to reduce risk to business assets and intellectual property created by unpatched servers. MSIT also needs to have a configuration management program that provides asset intelligence, desired configuration management, and the ability to deploy both security and non-security updates during the same maintenance window.
  • A really fantastic detailed (300 level) webcast on how Microsoft uses Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to update close to 280,000 desktop clients. This session covers the architecture, the process, the SLAs, the technology, and the best practices. This session also addresses at a high level how Microsoft is preparing for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and describes the client installation and team roles within the client update team at Microsoft.

From MMS:

  • In this session, see Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Administrator and learn how to use Security Compliance Manager and the baseline templates to apply them in setting management. This will allow the administrators to check for Compliance in their IT Environment.
  • Windows Intune will be introducing new and exciting capabilities. Join this session and be one of the first to see how client management in the cloud is evolving!
  • Software Update and Setting Management are the two pillars of security and compliance. Organizations can define models of Operating System, Application, Update levels and more. This approach to managing systems now evolves in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to provide a state-based foundation of the Application Model, User Centric computing, and model-based compliancy
  • Join Kent Agerlund and Chris Nackers, two of the world’s foremost Configuration Manager experts in a dazzling session on how to get your existing Configuration Manager 2007 to work with you and be the super cool system management solution you always hoped it would be. In this session Kent & Michael will share their notes from the field along with tips & tricks on how to get your Software Distribution, Software Updates and Operating System Deployments to work the way you always wanted them work. Learn about common issues and their workarounds, designing the main feature sets and much more. Be prepared to learn new methods to manage your environments and expect a session packed with demos.
  • Windows Intune released one year ago and continues to lead the way with client management in the cloud! Learn about all the latest capabilities being offered and explore what is possible. This session touches on all the core capabilities of the Windows Intune product and is critical for anyone wanting to understand the benefits of the cloud approach to client management.

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